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Special thanks to: Supervisor Margie Borschke, Station Manager Melanie Whitnall, Technical Support Mike Baber, Presentation Advice Richard Morecroft, Animator Paul Georghiou and Musician Preqwal.

Interview: Angus Deveson, Robowars Organiser

Would you like to see two robots smashing each other to pieces?

Well that's what Robowars is all about, right? The combat robots are made from anything from tyre rubber or side of the road steel to top price alloys. Their build as well as their hammers, bull bars, maces or buzz saws are tested in the arena.

But it's not just the machines that are put to the test.

Robowars organiser and obsessed robot builder, Angus Deveson, says the machine design and control are what it's really all about.

Laura Corrigan asks Angus how a combat robot fight is won...

Robowars is happening this Saturday May 30th as part of Vivid Festival. Entry is free!

Robot + Wars = Robowars (enough said)

Robots killing each other for sport. It's addictive. See for yourself this Saturday.

snack machine


'Snack Machine' the robot, equipped with a vertical spinning wheel, supplied

This Saturday, Sydney is host to Robowars where you can watch remote controlled robots, fight each other. Angus Deveson the co-organiser of this weekend's event became addicted to the sport while still in highscool.

Angus describes his first combat robot as "fairly rubbish". But even though it was undersized and didn't have any active weapons it won it's first fight, by default.

"I remember that first fight still very vividly. The remote control has very sharp sticks so that your fingers don't slip on it. I was so nervous I was digging my fingers into those sticks... It was such a huge rush," Angus said.

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