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Talking Point is a new podcast series exclusive to 2ser. Also check us out on iTunes Podcasts as well.

Hosted by Matthew Karstunen, we take a look at the lives of one guest per week as they discuss growing up, how they got to where they are now and what's next for them.

You can also check Talking Point out on Facebook for updates, suggestions for other guests or any feedback. Season 1 contains 6 episodes which aired in early 2015.




Episode Six: The Hon Justice Michael Kirby

In the final episode of the first season of Talking Point, Matthew Karstunen speaks to critically acclaimed academic and former High Court judge the Hon Justice Michael Kirby.

He speaks candidly about his entry into law during the height of the 1960's while exploring and accepting his sexuality. He also speaks about the injustices in North Korea and his ongoing role in the legal world despite being retired at 76 years of age while giving relationship advice along the way. 

We'll be back with more episodes of Talking Point towards the end of 2015! 

Episode Five: Neel Kolhatkar

In the penultimate episode of the first series of Talking Point, we speak to Australian comedian Neel Kolhatkar about his thoughts on racism, risque comedy and why he left university to pursue his passions. 

Episode Four: Tracey Spicer

In the fourth episode of Talking Point, Matthew Karstunen speaks to journalist Tracey Spicer. They discuss life, career and pivotal events in her time as a journalist which influenced her future and what she's doing now.

Episode Three: Dan Ilic

In Talking Point's third episode, Matthew Karstunen sits down with comedian and journalist Dan Ilic to discuss growing up as a scout, his time on Hungry Beast and where he believes the media industry is headed, whilst answering the all important question - console games or computer-based games? This interview was recorded in late 2014, prior to him moving to the United States.

Episode Two: Benjamin Law

In the second episode of Talking Point, Matthew Karstunen speaks to Australian author Benjamin Law. In the interview, they discuss his new TV show in the works as well as the topic of race in Australian television. 

Episode One: Kate McClymont

In the first episode of Talking Point, Matthew Karstunen speaks to Australian investigative journalist Kate McClymont. In the interview, they discuss growing up, life as a cadet journalist and the future of the industry.

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