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Star O IconThere is so much amazing LGBTIQ radio being made around the country we thought we'd bring it all together! We've got the best community radio from around Australia and we're putting it together with some amazing new stuff and broadcasting it all over Sydney on Digital Radio and online for the six weeks surrounding Mardi Gras. Tune in as we collaborate with the Star Observer, JOY949, 4ZZZ, Radio Adelaide and RTR to bring you a unique mix of music and interviews. 

It all starts on Monday February 3rd. Download the program guide now, come back on Monday to listen in!


Morning Glory Playlist - March 14 (The Finale!)

It's our last show so we're going out with a BANG!!! In honour of very special guest, BOY GEORGE, there was plenty of Culture Club and singalongs to Karma Chameleon and I'll Tumble 4 Ya as well as Boy's new single King of Everything. Bjork and Loreen set the scene for Jake and Sophie's lip-syncing moments and our Friday night theme, Electric Six's Gay Bar. But of course, Morning Glory had to go out in glory with Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory.

We hope you've been enjoying all the music and stories here in Morning Glory and hope to see you next year for more grooves, tunes and Mardi Gras fabulousness! xx Jake, Sophie and Jack!

Boy George, the King of Everything

Karma, karma, karma Chameleon...!

Boy George is one of the most iconic musicians and figures from the 80s igniting the androgynous movement and becoming one of the most successful musicians of the decade.

Boy came down under to play Big Gay Day in Brisbane, Sophie and Jake caught up with him to discuss his new album and his lengthy view of the world in 2014.

Are same-sex couples more resilient?

Same-sex couples can face a lot of difficulties perhaps more than hetero couples because of the discrimination they receive. 

Put-downs can eat away at LGBT relationships over time. However, Steve Cisneros-Garcia, PHD candidate from the University of Illinois in Chicago, is optimistic.

Steve's sourcing the funding for a new study into same-sex relationships on a grand-scale to find out what strengths make same-sex relationships resilient. 

Translife with Kate Doak

Will Sydney be getting an LGBT museum? 

After the success of the pop-up museum during Mardi Gras, City of Sydney councillor Christine Forster is backing the proposal to create a permanent LGBTI exhibition space.

Kate filled us in on the new proposal. 

Modern Day Maiden Aunt with Geraldine Quinn

Geraldine Quinn is a very funny woman of many faces, comedian, singer-songwriter, cabaret performer, actor, David Bowie lover and aunt, with 19 nieces and nephews! Apparently, she's in competition with famed English novelist Jane Austen, who had 23, so she's catching up! Her latest show, 'Modern Day Maiden Aunt', is "a glittering celebration of modern aunthood, not breeding and the fine art of embarrassing other people's children" and it's taking place as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Geraldine joined us on Morning Glory this morning for a lovely chat!

Morning Glory Playlist - March 13

In the great words of Countess Luann, Money Can't Buy You Class, so we kept to a very classy playlist for our second-last show of the year! Queen Bey Bey was a very classy act with Party ft. Andre 3000, Kate Bush warbling away in her gorgeous red dress in Wuthering Heights, and nothing says class like the Scissor Sisters telling you to Take Your Mama out because one must always be classy to one's mother. See you tomorrow for our last show! xx Soph & Jake

JMo With A Weekly Dose of Celeb Goss!

This morning, on Morning Glory, Jonathon Moran from Sydney Confidential gave us all the latest hot, hard-hitting celebrity gossip on Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift's falling out, Boy George, Kristian Nairn (the hulking Hodor on Game of Thrones) and the Biebs for the final week of Star Observer!

Stop Kiss

"At its heart, Stop Kiss is a show about life, and how it moves clumsily but steadily forward, forcing us to make choices, and challenging us to be brave." DC Theatre Scene

When Callie, a twenty-something New York Traffic reporter, promises to take on a cat owned by Sara, neither one could have predicted the connection that would form between these two, seemingly very different and 'straight' women as they circle each other warily, nursing an unspoken attraction. This is the story behind Stop Kiss, currently being presented by Unlikely Productions in connection with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Award winning director Anthony Skuse is fresh off the back of acclaimed productions Punk Rock, On The Shore of the Wide World and Bite Me and he joins us in the studio to talk about the production.

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