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In honour of one of the greatest sporting cliches, 'One Week at a Time' promises to deliver a tasty morsel of sports related content every week to 2ser.

Mick, Adrian and Joel along with special guests each week will dissect the week in sport, give their completely biased opinions as well as delving into the weird and wacky side of the sporting world.

If you ever needed a one stop shop for your sporting updates, this is it!

Updated every Sunday.

One Week At A Time - Episode 10: Paralympics wrap & how we'd run the NRL

Mick's back on deck this week. Once again the team travelled out to Adrian's place to record the podcast. It features our wrap of the Paralympics, how Mick would run the NRL and a wrap up of the week's international sports.

To listen to Joel and Adrian's chat with Adrian Edmonson, click here!

One Week At A Time - Episode 9: Live From Adrian's House, NRL vs AFL Finals, Paralympics, Cricket Mind Games

This week, Joel and Adrian take the show on the road (well, to Adrian's place), while Mick is still trying to make his way back into the first grade side. Our topics today include the NRL finals vs the AFL finals (and who are better, the Referees or the Umpires), and what you need to look out for in the Paralympics - especially Murderball!!!

One Week At A Time - Episode 8: The Almost Live Edition, NRL Prize Money, Colin Kaepernick's Protest

This week, Joel and Adrian take it one week at a time and put in the hard yards to produce the "Almost Live" edition of OWAAT. Mick phones it in (literally) and barely passes the quiz. This week's topics were NRL Prize Money (read as NRL being tight wads) and Colin Kaepernick's Anthem Protest- is he going about it in the right way?

One Week at a Time - Episode 7: Olympics hangover, Bledisloe Cup and NRL

This week, the lads discuss the Olympics hangover, chat about how baaaaaad Australia was against the All Blacks and discuss the latest hot topics from the NRL. Oh, and it's Joel's turn to take the quiz. Should the boys start a pub trivia night?

One Week at a Time - Episode 6: Olympics Recap, Community Cup & Integrity Issues

The full team of Mick, Adrian and Joel return for episode 6 of One Week at a Time. We have been sleep deprived, but managed to stumble into the studio to record this episode after two weeks of Olympic revelry.

Listen to us take the mickey out of Joel more than once, cover the Olympics and tell you more than you ever wanted to know about Humphrey Bogart

Let Mick gloat about the 5 in a row for the Sydney Sailors and we discuss the NRL integrity and Adrian takes the quiz. Can he get more than one this time?

One Week at a Time - Episode 5: Olympics, EPL and Community Cup

With Adrian gallivanting the globe (or QLD?), Joel & Mick took over the studio to record episode 5.

They talked Olympics at the halfway point, the upcoming EPL season and Mick's involvement in the Community Cup!

One Week at a Time - Episode 4: Rio preview with Mel Dinjaski & Hayne returns

This week, on the eve of the Rio Olympics, Mel Ginjaski from Fox Sports joins Adrian and Mick to preview who to look out for over the next two weeks.

It's not just swimming that should land Australia some medals.

We also look at some sports that used to be a part of the Olympics. Poor pigeons.

The human media  magnet, Jarryd Hayne returns to the NRL. Have the Eels dodged a bullet?

One Week at a Time - Episode 3: Farah, Russia and Joel takes the quiz

On One Week at a Time, we tackle the week in sport using the unique talents of Joel, Adrian and Mick (who still haven't decided which order they go in).

In this week's episode we move into the digital age as a podcast, discuss the topic of loyalty to players and teams in the NRL, the Olympics countdown and cover the week in sport with the weekly quiz.

This week, Joel takes it on. How will he go?

One Week at a Time - Episode 2: Origin, Gemma Etheridge, Quiz

In the second installment of the One Week at a Time podcast, the boys cover the washup of the State of Origin series, we have a special chat with brand new Olympian, Gemma Etheridge, who is on her way to Rio to compete in the women's Rugby Sevens team and we hold the first ever One 'Quiz' at a Time with Adrian to see what he has covered this week!

One Week at a Time - Episode 1: Eels, Euros, Wimbledon

In a brand new sports podcast on 2ser, Mick, Adrian and Joel discuss the week in sport.
In this inaugural episode we covered the drama at the Parramatta Eels, The Euro Championships, Wimbledon and the Messi mess!

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