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 Today on the Daily, Macquarie University Students take over 2SER for The Things We Do, A show exploring the things we do in our life including a one hour forum. We talk about the things we do that are illegal, the things we do for work, the things we do for our mum and much more! So Stay Tuned and listen to the things we do!

Culture Capital: Music, Drugs, Massive Adventures

Drug consumption in the Australian music scene is like the pink elephant in the room. Whether it's hip hop, indie-rock, EDM or hardcore, most people are aware of it, but not many are willing to publicly talk about it. Cassie Warriner and Josh Di Matteo take on this huge subject by speaking with artists, listeners and experts, in an effort to understand this ongoing connection between illegal drugs and music.

Listen closely, open your mind and formulate your own opinion ONLY once you have heard it.

The Things We Do For the Australian Dream

The Things We Do For Work

What do you do for work? what are some of the weirdest jobs you know of? Could you actually name someone who does them? Dom shows us the flip side of Sydney odd jobs. A professional race car driver! strap in and experience a serious ride.

The Things We Do to Feel Good

What do we do to feel good? What is your hobby? do you seek adrenaline fun or love staying at home having fun. Louise takes us on a journey to find out what we do to feel good.

The Things We Do To Save Money

What do we do to save money? what are the extremes we go to save a penny, what is the point of going over the top to save a penny. James shows us a frugal society that we may or may not be a part of

The Things We Do For Our Mum

What do we do for our Mum? Do we Really appreciate what she does for us. We may joke with our mum but we know how much we care. David Takes us on a familiar journey with his mum that we can all relate to.

The Thing We Do That Are Illegal

Today we Look at the thing we do that are illegal. From Tresspassing to buying drugs. We talk to some criminals and not-so-criminal criminals. Jake takes us on a seedy journey of the casual criminals of Sydney.

On The Line Live Forum

Banner On The Line


 The epic decider! Man versus Machine! Who will come out on top? Dicussing humanity v. technology, with:

Kate Moore

Justine Lloyd

Steve Collins

Harry Tucker

Confessions of a Facebook Addict

How often do you find yourself logging into your facebook account? Too often? Are you on it right now? Yasmeen and Offy spoke to some hardcore FB fans

Silk Road

The Internet is at the centre of many of our lives.  But there is one facet of the web that you may not be aware of: the online drug business.  Gaby and Geri explore the underbelly of the industry.

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