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Playlist: Wednesday, May 3

"Uh oh, looks like I'm seein' more of my old man in me." - Mac DeMarco

Exploitation of International Students

Australia is renowned for our education system, with thousands of international students flocking to Australian universities for the high quality education we provide. But several Australian business are exploiting some foreign students and coercing them to breach their visa conditions just so they can survive. Tess Connery spoke to Sean Stimson, Redfern Legal Centre International Student Solicitor about international students being taken advantage of.

Produced by Tess Connery.

Budget Block on Student Media Groups

The Federal Government will be releasing the 2017 Budget on the 9th of May. Before the Budget is released at 7.30pm, the government gives the media a chance to view the Budget in order to prepare their coverage. This event is called the 'budget lock-up'. Journalists from many prominent university student publications have applied for places at the lock-up but have been rejected. A spokesperson for the Treasury said that these student journalists are not a part of a "professional news publication" and therefore would not be granted access to the lock-up. These developments come just after the government's proposed hikes to university student tuition fees and changes in the HECS system, one of the student publications, Honi Soit describes the developments as an "unsettling coincidence". The Daily was joined in the studio by the Deputy Editor of Macquarie University's Grapeshot Magazine, Angus Dalton to discuss these developments.

Produced by Andrew Gibbons.

Food Waste - A Supermarket Solution

Food waste costs an estimated 20 billion dollars each year in Australia. Four million tonnes of food ends up in landfill and 20% of what's in our shopping trolleys is said to be thrown away unused. To counter this and attempt to alleviate the 14.6% of Aussie's living below the poverty line, Australia's first rescue food supermarket has just opened in Sydney. Using a 'take what you need, give if you can' model, the store stocks products like fresh fruit, frozen meals and toiletries, with what the shelves look like varying depending on what is salvaged each week. To extrapolate a bit more on this service, and how offering food to those who cannot afford it may combat entrenched poverty issues, The Daily spoke with Alicia Kiarwan, NSW State Manager of OzHarvest.

Produced by Madison Thorne and Nathaniel Keesing.

Reform Push to Legalise Marijuana

Canada's recent legislation that will legalise and regulate cannabis use has prompted calls for Australia to follow suit. Dr Mehreen Faruqi, Greens NSW MP, last week penned an article advocating the need for the decriminalisation of recreational cannabis. Last year 26,000 criminal incidents of cannabis possession materialized in NSW, making up more then half of all drug posession offences. Classifying these people as criminals is said to be 'unfair', wasting limited police resources and allowing unregulated black markets to 'flourish'. Indeed, it is thought the legalisation of cannabis will generate economic benefits, with licensing revenues of regulated cannabis thought to cultivate income which can be reinvested in education and health programs.

To delve more into this latest law reform push, The Daily spoke with Dr Mehreen Faruqi herself, NSW Greens MP.

Produced by Madison Thorne.

Police Meme Campaign Against Traffic Incidents

The biggest killer of young people, especially men, are through transport incidents, with over 44% of all injury related deaths of young Australian's resulting from car crashes. To try and counteract this, the NSW Police has over time has produced countless campaigns, from graphic car crash ads to RBT's, but now the NSW Police force is trying something new. Memes. The Daily spoke with, Strath Gordon, Director of Public Affairs at NSW Police Force to discuss their work to help reduce the death toll on our roads.

Produced by Nathaniel Keesing.

Right Wing Trends in Liberal Student Groups

Recent revelations that the University of Melbourne Liberal Club president, Xavier Boffa wrote to a women saying 'a couple of guys were a bit uncomfortable inviting a chick' has prompted intense scrutiny of ultra conservative, right wing ideology in Universities. Considering Trump, Hanson, Brexit and Corey Bernardi's recent amalgamation of the Australian Conservatives with Family First, right wing prominence is gaining a mass momentum. But many incidences of right wing student politics are being scrutinised today. In 2014, the Vice President of the Swinburn University Liberal Club was forced to resign after claiming that gay marriage may 'ruin' the social fabric and in March this year, President of the University of Queensland Liberal National Club let slip that if he had been alive in 1930's Germany, he would have been a Nazi. Today this has culminated in commentators describing Liberal student groups as 'young men who assumed they would one day be the masters of the universes clinging to a fundamentalist form of masculinity on steroids'. It is thought they are caught up in a pattern of 'spewing sexism, xenophobia and homophobia'. The Daily discussed this trend with Steve Chavura, political theorist and intellectual historian at Macquarie University.

Produced by Madison Thorne.

Playlist - 2nd May

Everything is Right In Front of Me - The Cactus Channel & Sam Cromack

Try - Molly Burch

Baby You're Out - Mac DeMarco

Slow Cities - Should They Be Redesigned?

When it comes to looking at places that humans have inhabited, cities often come to mind. As our cities get bigger and bigger in the 21st century, they are also becoming increasingly clogged and congested places. So, should we be planning our cities differently? How can we design our cities to be better places to live?

The Daily was joined by Marcus Foth, a professor of urban informatics at Queensland University of Technology. 

Produced by: Nick Wasliev

Tax Payers to Fund Oil Spills

For most of us it is assumed knowledge that you clean up after yourself, but as a recent hearing on corporate tax avoidance revealed, this is not the case for big gas companies. These companies are granted concessions allowing them to claim disasters such as oil leaks from tax payer funds. To discuss how they achieve this The Daily was joined by Guardian Political and Economic Correspondent Gareth Hutchens on the line.

Produced by: Lara Heaton

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