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 Meet Nic, your new host for Breakfast each weekday morning.

He's spent the last 20 years reporting on technology and videogames, but that's all behind him now as he takes over the brekky reins.

You might know him already from his regular segments on a Thursday morning called I Can't Believe It's (Not) News. Or maybe you've heard him presenting Sunday Breakfast on 2SER for the past year.

Or maybe he's brand new to you -- don't worry, you'll get to know him. You can find him on Twitter (@dr_nic) or follow him on Facebook if you're after a dash of snark and a lot of photos of his cat (

In the meantime, you can hear him each morning from 6am as he quietly (or not so quietly) adjusts to the early morning starts.

Tune into 2SER Breakfast, from 6am, Monday-Friday on 107.3 FM for the latest news, diverse, local stories that you won't get anywhere else.

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Tom Gleeson: Comedy in an age of outrage

In a time when we could all do with a bit of cheering up, Tom Gleeson has two shows at the Sydney Comedy Festival. Known for his appearances on The Project and his own shows Hard Chat and Hard Quiz, Tom is one of the brightest names in Australian comedy. He called in to talk about creating comedy in an age of outrage and presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges, as does the absurd political leadership locally and overseas.

Movie Reviews with Michael Jones

Each week 2ser's own Michael Jones swings by to help you decide what new movies are worth watching - and what's worth giving a miss. This week, Pork Pie is a remake of an NZ classic, and in Michael's opinion quite an improvement on the original. A feel-good chase film, it has gorgeous scenery and great chemistry between the characters. Well done once again to the industrious film makers across the ditch.

Science Fiction: Where are all the women?

Science fiction is a genre of endless possibility and has led to some of the most successful literature, films and pop culture creations of all time. Despite this, gender inequality still exists in the production and portrayal of science fiction, largely mirroring the inequality in the field of science itself. Nic spoke to Bronwyn Lovell, a PhD candidate in creative writing at Flinders University who wrote an article for the Conversation about the unfair relationship between women and science fiction.

Produced by Chloe Arentz

Not News with Cheyne Anderson

Each week Cheyne Anderson looks at some of the terrible news stories that have been eating up the news cycle as well as checking out the one that we should have been paying attention to. This week:

Unstacked: Revealing the State Library’s hidden secrets

The State Library of NSW has an incredible wealth of information, but due to the restraints of physical space, not all of it is readily accessible to the public. Unstacked is a new data visualisation tool developed by Elisa Lee and Adam Hinshaw at DX Labs that reveals what people are searching for at any moment - and it has the potential to change the way we explore physical archives using digital platforms.

Produced by Rohan Salmond

Dictionary of Sydney: Henri L’Estrange

Henri L'Estrange was a late 1800's tight rope walker and aeronautical balloonist originally hailing from Melbourne. In 1877, he walked across Sydney Harbour on a rope 433 metres long and 104 metres above water a feat that is yet to be repeated. Nic was joined by Nicole Cama from Dictionary of Sydney to find out more about L'Estrange's dangerous -- and occasionally highly unsuccessful -- acts.

Aussie cinemas to serve up a Kiwi Pork Pie

Goodbye Pork Pie is a classic Kiwi film that has played a significant role in New Zealand film. A reboot simply called Pork Pie has Matt Murphy in the director's chair (dad Geoff directed the 1980 classic) and stars Dean O'Gorman, James Rolleston and Ashleigh Cummings as a trio of accidental outlaws who travel around New Zealand in a stolen yellow New Mini. It's out in Australian cinemas tomorrow, and 2SER's very own Michael Jones sat down with Dean O'Gorman to chat about his new movie.

Early detection tests will improve ovarian cancer survival rates

Every ten hours in Australia, a woman loses her fight with ovarian cancer. The survival rate of ovarian cancer is very low with symptoms of ovarian cancer vague and an early detection test still yet to be developed. But despite this research funding remains remarkably low. Nic was joined by Dr Caroline Ford from the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to chat about the importance of the White Shirt Campaign in raising money and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Keeping your blood pressure down can prove vital

It's Australia's biggest silent killer and over 6 million Australians are living with it. High blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke and kidney disease, and many people don't know they have it until it's too late. To find out more about detecting and managing it, Nic was joined by Professor Andrew Sindone, Director of the Heart Failure Unit and Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation at Concord Hospital.

The future of cinematography: Smart Fone Flick Fest

Most of us own a smartphone, but did you know that you can shoot a short film on it? Smart Fone Flick Fest - or SF3 - is Australia's only international smartphone film festival. It's open to all ages, and gives a platform for budding filmmakers to bring their ideas to life. Nic was joined by Ali Crew, co-founder of SF3. Entries for the Smart Fone Flick Fest are now open. You can find out more at their website:

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