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Lipstick on his Collar: An Explanation of 'Legal Syllogism'

If your partner came home late and then one day, with lipstick on his collar, would you make the assumption that he's having an affair? Annamarie Reyes talks to Ken Yin  and Anibeth Desierto, co-authors of  'Legal Problem Solving and Syllogistic Analysis: A Guide for Foundation Law Students' to explain the infrastructure & way of thinking that is legal syllogism.

Executive Producer: Annamarie Reyes

The One Thing You Should Do Before Donating To Charity


Do you ever check whether the charity you are giving to is actually legally registered?

Approximately 590 charitable registrations were revoked this year by the Australian Charities and Non For Profit Commission (ACNC). These organisations were deregistered for a range of different reasons because they did not meet the standards set out by the ACNC. Radio Atticus talks to special guest Assistant Commissioner Murray Baird about the reasons why they were deregistered and why a registry is necessary to make sure your donations are actually reaching the intended target.

To check your charity click here: (ACNC Website)

Executive Producer: Annamarie Reyes


The Soda Ad Deemed Too Hard To Swallow

Soda company Pepsi found its new ad for their beverage was too hard to digest for some audiences. Outraged social media users condemned the ad for appropriating protest imagery as sexy and glamorous. Some even suggest the ad evokes imagery from the black lives matter protest in Baton Rouge.

Social media and Journalism Researcher Prof Axel Gruns from QUT sat down to talk to us about protest appropriation and how social media was used as a social activist tool that has resulted in Pepsi revoking the ads entirely.

Producer: Sofia Carvajal


Why The West Should Pay More Attention To Syria

This month following a chemical attack on the northwest region of Syria on 7th April, 546 people had been injured and 2.3 million Syrian refugees have fled their homes. This latest attack has triggered an unprecedented mobilisation of people fleeing the zone according to Felicity Weaver from Unicef Australia. She joins us to talk about why the West should pay more attention to Syria.

Executive Producer: Annamarie Reyes

What to Do if You See Someone Muttering on the Street?

What to do if you see someone muttering to themselves on the street? Do we have a duty to help our community? Or do we cross to the other side of the street?
Fiona Price, Mental Health First Aid Instructor, talks about how to handle this, and discusses the complex topic of duty of care, the dignity of risk factor and the legal responsibility we have as individuals.

Executive Producer: Annamarie Reyes


What is the so called "Gay Panic Law" & Why Does it Still Exist in South Australia?

This week the "Gay Panic" law was abolished in Queensland. Annamarie Reyes talks to Shelly Argent, national spokesperson for PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) about what this means for the LGBTQI community and their families and why the law still exists in South Australia.

Producer: Sofia Carvajal


Ever wondered about learning the nuts and bolts about the law?

Ever wondered about learning the nuts and bolts about the law?
Tonight we talk to Anibeth Desierto, co-author of 'Legal Problem Solving and Syllogistic Analysis: A Guide for Foundation Law Students' who talks to Executive Producer AnnaMarie Reyes about the case of immigration bans in the era of Trump.

Also, "Men are crucial in this fight [for women's rights], our men are our partners ...for solutions." says Joumana Harris, Aust. Muslim Women's Association, International Women's Day rally March 11. Hear her stirring speech about domestic violence, women's rights and immigrant rights.

Then it's over to the men at the Int'l Women's Day Rally with roving reporter Peter Lwin.

Executive Producer: AnnaMarie Reyes

Producers: Sofia Carvajal, Peter Lwin

Government Cuts to Women's Counselling Services

Women looking for professional counselling after instances of domestic violence or rape have been able to access the 1800RAPE hotline thanks to the Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia. However recent funding cuts to this service will leave crisis counsellors out of a job and countless women looking for rape and domestic violence support without access to trained counselling services. 

Simone White from the Rape and Domestic Violence Centre NSW joins us to talk about what they are doing to oppose these cuts. She spoke to Radio Atticus from the International Women's Day march on Saturday March 11. 

For more information :


Producer: AnnaMarie Reyes, Peter Lwin, Sofia Carvajal


Changing the workplace culture of the legal industry

Lawyers- they're known for being driven and ruthless.

But in an industry where employees are told failure isn't an option, it is unsurprising that they're the second most vulnerable profession to mental illness.

Ellessandra Hills reports.

Greens push for protest exclusion zones outside NSW abortion clinics

The Victorian government has agreed to support a bill for 'protest exclusion zones' around Victorian abortion clinics.

The bill will be introduced before the end of the year, and when it does, it will become illegal for anti-abortion activists to protests outside of abortion clinics.

Now, the Greens Party of NSW has put forward a bill for protest exclusion zones around NSW clinics. But will the NSW government follow in Victoria's footsteps?

Kenji Sato reports.

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